Why Attend

Why You Should Attend

What to Expect from TEDxCalabar 2018

At the crossroads of our lives, we see ourselves, others and our situations with more clarity.

At the crossroads of these changing times for our country, we become more keenly aware of our possibilities and our imminent perils. Where paths cross, we reach the zero axis where game-changing shifts begin.

This year, TEDxCalabar brings together bold, disruptive, multi-disciplinary, atypical thinkers and doers who live and work at those jagged places where paths cross, and futures begin.

Come and reset your compass to navigate towards your preferred future. 

Inspiring Keynotes

Inspiring Keynotes

Every second, every hour, every day, ‘worlds’ intersect, and movements take place across boundaries.

Whether it’s imagination journeying to undefined locations, or curiosity traversing gated enclosures; whether it’s intellectual, emotional or artistic criss-cross; whether it’s occupational overlap, cross-boundary collaboration, tourism, or emigration – something always happens.      

So, what happens when boundaries become blurred?
Reinventing Experiences

Reinventing Experiences

When ideas from different industries collide?

When cultures entangle?

When disparate disciplines meet?
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