Musheer Alambath
Musheer AlambathStanford Sloan Fellow

Musheer Alambath

Musheer Alambath is the United States Regional Campaign Leader for Blockchain with Ernst &Young. Ernst &Young is the leading advisory firm in the Blockchain space. In this role, Musheer advises and educates clients on the benefits and applications of Blockchain technology.
He is a Sloan Fellow, Stanford MSx Program at Stanford Graduate School of Business, and was keynote speaker at Stanford University’s LOWkeynotes on an alternative financial solution to end global poverty. He has done research work on Blockchain technology.  
Musheer is a global finance executive with years of experience in the financial services industry. Having worked on banking sector projects across 4 continents, he is in a passionate pursuit to make a difference for 2 billion people globally who currently have no access to financial services, using the in-depth understanding and knowledge of financial products and services across different markets.
In his role as Vice President, Group Audit at National Bank of Abu Dhabi, he was responsible for managing global teams across the network which extends to 18 countries over 150 locations. He has experience working on assignments in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East.  

Musheer is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor and a member of the Board Examination Committee for Institute of Internal Auditors. His travel to over 26 countries has helped him develop an appreciation for the cultures and social norms across the globe.

Bond Emeruwa

Bond Emeruwa is a TED Fellow, filmmaker, and Co-founder/Director of Nollywood Workshops. He utilises the vastly popular Nollywood films to pass messages on topical health and developmental issues.
Bond Emeruwa is a TED Fellow, filmmaker, and Co-founder/Director of Nollywood Workshops. He utilises the vastly popular Nollywood films to pass messages on topical health and developmental issues.
A  veteran  of Nollywood,  he has written, directed and produced many  award-winning  movies  amongst  which  are,  “MORTAL  INHERITANCE” – a movie  on  the  incidence  of  sickle  cell  anaemia which won  10  awards  at  the Nigeria Movies Awards (THEMA’97);  “HEART OF GOLD” -  another multiple award-winning  film  (1998) which incorporated issues around spinal cord injuries;  “CHECKPOINT” - nominated for Best Director at  the  2008 African Movie  Academy  awards (AMAA);  “MOUNTAIN BLUES” - best feature film at the Abuja International Film Festival (2007).
Bond Emeruwa
Bond EmeruwaTED Fellow and Film Maker
High Chief Edem Duke
High Chief Edem DukeNigeria's Former Minister

High Chief Edem Duke

While serving as Nigeria’s Minister of Culture, Tourism and National Orientation,  he oversaw 10 parastatals under the ministry namely: National Council for Museums and Monuments; National Orientation Agency; National Institute for Culture Orientation; Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation; National Gallery of Art; National Troupe of Nigeria; National Institute of Hospitality and Tourism Development Studies; Institute of Archaeology and Museum Studies; National Theatre; and Centre for Black African Arts and Civilisation.  
He is a pioneer facilitator of the framework for the take-off of the tourism sector of Cross River State. He founded the Cross River Tourism Development Initiative - a private sector driven tourism coalition and an organisation he has used to re-invent the tourism perspective of many Cross Riverians.   

He sponsored Tourism and Investments initiatives to London, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago and the USA to promote private sector bi-lateral cooperation in Cross River State and Nigeria. He opened up collaborative platform for cooperation with various tourism agencies and high net-worth stakeholders in South Africa, Ghana, USA, Canada and United Kingdom. He is former national president, Federation of Tourism Association of Nigeria.

Chris Ngwodo

Chris Ngwodo is a Writer, Lawyer, Speaker, and Public Intellectual.

As a consultant on Governance and Policy Communication issues, his work straddles the realms of governmental actors and civil society.       

As a consultant on Governance and Policy Communication issues, his work straddles the realms of governmental actors and civil society. He is a blogger and a regular op-ed contributor to various online and print media

He is also a regular consulting analyst on political, socioeconomic, conflict and security issues on a variety of national and international broadcast networks.

Chris Ngwodo
Chris NgwodoLawyer and Writer
Judith Okonkwo
Judith OkonkwoVirtual Reality Evangelist

Judith Okonkwo

Judith Okonkwo is a Business Psychologist, Futurist, and Founder + CEO of Imisi3D - Nigeria’s first Virtual Reality Creation Lab.

Imisi3D is a lab dedicated to growing a community of Virtual Reality developers in Nigeria and providing educational and engagement experiences with Virtual Reality.

She is organisation development consultant with experience working in Africa, Asia and Europe. She sits on the Board of the European Organisation Design Forum and currently advises Start-ups, not-for-profits and SMEs.

A creator of the Oriki Coaching Model, Judith is a guest lecturer at the Lagos Business School and University of Westminster.

She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.

Gabe Onah

Gabe Onah is Chairman of the Cross River State Carnival Commission. He holds a Master’s degree in Theatre and Media Studies.    
He has certificates in Tourism with specialization in Tour Guiding Skills and Destination Management from the famous Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo) of Jamaica and the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) certificate program.                                                                                                                                                                         
He has led vibrant group discussions on Nigeria’s cultures and cultural policies, cultural pluralism and diversity as strength of the Nigerian nation, and folklore themes and the Nollywood revolution.   

He has espoused on the inter-organizational relationship in the management of Carnival Calabar - a seminal presentation on the production of the Carnival Calabar product as a tangible and intangible arts form.

He has conducted research on ‘‘Carnival Arts Management and Cultural Diplomacy: The Carnival Calabar Paradigm.’’
He was Team Lead for the Cross River State pilot tourism initiative certification program in Jamaica.

He has worked with NCC and NCBA of Trinidad for behind-the-scenes and performance of the world-renowned carnival of Trinidad and Tobago for the transplanting of frameworks to Carnival Calabar (2006/2007/2008).                                                                                              

Gabe has led and participated in several delegations to Europe, the Caribbean, far East, Eastern Europe, and Exchange and Synergy Marketing sessions for the Cross River State Tourism Initiatives
Gabe Onah
Gabe OnahTheatre art Administrator
Sheila Ochugboju
Sheila OchugbojuTED Fellow

Sheila Ochugboju

Dr. Sheila Kaka Ochugboju is a TED Fellow and co-Curator of TEDNairobi. She is from Boki local government – a part of the forest-dependent communities of Cross Rivers State.
She joined the Nigeria UNREDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) Team as the Knowledge Management Consultant and contributed analytical studies and knowledge products which formed part of the REDD+ strategy for Nigeria using Cross Rivers State as the pilot site.

One of her outputs from those studies work is a Guidance Note of Gender and Forests for Cross River State.

Sheila is the co-founder of a Knowledge Management and Media Consultancy called Africa Knows. She has worked in senior management roles in Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria with international think tanks, UN agencies, multilateral institutions and philanthropic organizations across Europe, Africa and Asia.  

She was the Lead Consultant on the Global State of Urban Youth Report 2015/2016 for UNHabitat and in 2015, she was appointed the Global Roving Ambassador for the County Government of Kisumu in Transformative Science & Urban Resilience.

She was awarded the Daphne Jackson Trust fellowship at Oxford University for her work and was recognized in New York in October 2016 when she won the Wings World Quest Foundation Women of Discovery Humanity Award.

Charles O'Tudor

Charles O’Tudor deploys modern strategic and media paradigms in exploring visual and tactile briefs. He invents new brands, products and experiences deploying the cerebral filtration process credited to him. He has a bias and preference for native culture, visual dialects and modernities.

A highly-cerebral brand strategist, O'Tudor serves as the Principal Consultant, ADSTRAT Consortium. He has driven strategy sessions in the 02ygenation of World Class brands.

He led a team of brand strategists that bided for and won Cross River State's pioneer Out of Home Media Project which was passed into law by the State House of Assembly, and became Nigeria’s most renowned authority in State Branding after a successful creation, engagement and management of the Cross River State brand for 4 years.  

He was appointed member of the Obudu Mountain Race Marketing Committee and Chairman of its Sub Committee on Brand Strategy, Marketing and Advertising by the Governor of Cross River State, His Excellency, Senator Liyel Imoke.

Charles is the visionary behind BRANDSARISE - and initiative which translates an unknown brand into a successful brand, and BRANDS TO WATCH AWARDS - a brand-led movement which recognizes brands as assets and vectors of image, reputation and competitiveness of nations.

He is an alumnus of University of Witwatersrand, Johannhesburg, South Africa.
Charles O'Tudor
Charles O'TudorGlobal Brand Innovator
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